Foundation of W. Kunz AG: Decision to build a drying plant with a capacity of 2,5t/h water evaporation. This prototype served as base for the marketing & sales of grass drying plants in the Swiss market.

Delivery of the prototype and two more plants. In autumn the first plant was exported to Austria and commissioned.

New factory built in Dintikon.

The first SWISS COMBI drying plant for a sugar factory was commissioned in Denmark.

Starting with the construction of cubing presses. The first presses became operational in the UK and Denmark. It completed the portfolio for the whole process from cut grass to cooled cubes. The continously growing turnover made it necessary to build a stock in Dintikon.

This year 25 new drying plants with a total capacity of more than 250t/h water evaporation and 16 cubing presses were delivered.

Felsenkeller Lenzburg SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG

Simultaneously two low temperature belt dryers for beet pulp were supplied to the sugar factories Zeil and Offstein. Utilizing the waste heat from the sugar process each had a capacity of 30t/h wate evaporation.

The ecoDry system for the odor-free drying of sewage sludge was developped and patented.

Beginning of 1990 already eight sewage sludge drying plants with the patented closed steam loop drying process are in operation in France, Germany and Switzerland.

The ecoDry System is use for the odor-free drying of a broad range of different products such as grass, alfalfa, corn, wood particles and beet pulp.

W. Kunz AG is one of the three leading drying plant suppliers in Europe.

Due to heavy losses of debitors (mainly because of insolvencies of some customers) the banks forced a liquidation of assets. Consequently W. Kunz dryTec AG was founded as successor of W. Kunz AG. Neither for customers nor for suppliers resulted any losses or damages.  

The sewage sludge drying business was sold to the newly found company Swiss Comby Technologies (SCT).

The first ecoDry system in the starch industry starts-up in France. It dries fibers and CSL (corn steep liquor) from the corn starch production process and heats the required evaporator.

The own manufacturing unit was sold through a MBO (Management Buyout) to the leading workshop staff. The new company S COMBI AG is formally independent from W. Kunz dryTec AG. Key components for SWISS COMBI drying plants are still manufactured (partly exclusively) at the S COMBI AG workshop.

The first ecoDry System in the fuel ethanol industry starts-up in the USA. It dries DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains and Solubles) which is sold as high valued protein animal feed.

Markus Kunz, son of Werner Kunz jun. joins the company as COO.

Markus Kunz takes over the majority of the shares.
Together with Simon Staufer he is responsible for the executive managment.

The company W. Kunz dryTec AG with the brand name SWISS COMBI is again one of the leading drying plants providers worldwide.

Since the foundation more than 500 SWISS COMBI drying plants with performances up to 50 tons water evaporation per hour were successfully commissioned in more than 40 countries.