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Application field

We deliver the appropriate and individual plant for your application

All business areas have in common:

  • optimum product quality
  • minimum of energy input
  • high availability of the plant
Bio-ethanol industry
Bio-ethanol industry

Utilisation of side products from production of bio-ethanol

Efficient utilisation of large amounts of continuously accruing products.

  • minimum energy consumption, maximum energy efficiency
  • minimisation of dust and odour immissions despite difficult product parameters
  • constant product quality of the product to be dried
  • continuous processes at high amount of operating hours

working paper: EcoDry in Ethanol industry


Wood industry
Wood industry

Production of chipboards, OSB boards or wood pellets

Requirements of the finished product.

  • compliance of emission limits (odour, dust, blue haze)
  • constant product quality regarding colour, surface and water content
  • high reliability of the drying plant, short maintenance and cleaning interruptions
  • minimisation of fire hazard
  • indulgent drying treatment

case study: Belt dryer in wood pellets industry

Starch industry
Starch industry

Utilisation of sticky mass with problematic viscosity and pourability

Drying of starch for nutrition, animal feed and additives.

  • energy-intensive
  • usually drying of side products
  • high demanding technology due to required quality despite high temperatures
  • large mass flows
  • steady production, hardly any downtime, short maintenance period




Feed industry
Feed industry

Utilisation of side products for animal feed, loose or pellets

Energy-intensive drying at high product quality requirements.

  • product specific temperature alignment
  • burned or carbonised animal feed is not been eaten
  • very high flow rate at low costs required
  • automated process
  • protein molecules have to be obtained
Sugar industry
Sugar industry

Efficient processing of side products during peak production times

Drying to efficiently use energy production of animal feed

  • cost effective drying mandadory, due to short annual production period
  • high exposure over short annual period due to corrosive products
  • reduction of fire hazard due to low temperature dryer
  • unproblematic adherence of limits for odour, dust, blue haze
Digestate - animal manure
Digestate - animal manure

Energy efficient and emission-free drying of digestate

Drying of concentrated digestate by using the ecoDry technology will lead to:

  • Granulate material out of liquid digestate
  • heat recovery potential >60% for waste heat evaporator
  • almost emission-free drying of stinky product
  • volume reduction up to 13times of the initial volume of the liquid
  • combination of vacuum evaporator and ecoDry

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