Condenser - Kondensator - SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG


Simple - Reliable - Retrofit

The SWISS COMBI condenser is a heat recovery system for drum dryer exhaust gas. It can be used with direct fired as well as on indirect fired drum dryers (ecoDry). The recovered heat can be used for e.g.  for a SWISS COMBI belt dryer. Additional the drum dryer exhaust gas is de-dusted in the condenser.


  • Condensate is heated up to wet bulp temperature of the drum dryer exhaust gas due to counterflow principle
  • De-dusting of drum dryer exhaust gas
  • Low maintenance (self cleaning)
  • Retrofit on existing installations
  • Possibility of integration in an overall solution together with a SWISS COMBI belt dryer

Major applications

Condensation/heat recovery of exhaust gas from:

  • Direct heated drum dryers
  • ecoDry
  • other types of high temperature dryers


Condenser - Kondensator - SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG

1. Clean exhaust gas
2. Dust loaded exhaust gas from drum dryer
3. Condensate from heat recovery
4. Condensate to heat recovery

Samples of realized installations