Kaminwäscher ecoWash - Wet Scrubber ecoWash - SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG

SWISS COMBI Wet Scrubber ecoWash

Simple - Reliable - Retrofit

The reduction of dust emissions with a SWISS COMBI wet scrubber ecoWash is a safe, robust process with little addtionale pressure drop.

SWISS COMBI wet scrubber ecoWash is a stand alone solution. The custom made installation is proven and can be retrofitted in existing exhaust stacks.


  • Low additional pressure drop
  • Fast operational readiness due to a plain design principle
  • Minimal fresh water demand
  • Low maintenance (self-cleaning)

Major Applications

  • Animal feed (grass, lucerne, corn)
  • Sugar beet pulp
  • Pomace


Mein Bild

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1. Scrubber water loop
2. Scrubber water basin
3. Waste water
4. Dusty exhaust gas
5. Fresh water

Samples of realized installations