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Compact Belt Dryer KBT

Efficient - Silent - Multifunctional

With more than 100 installations worldwide SWISS COMBI belt dryers have proven their reliability. Its modular design permits a broad field of applications for drying different kinds of bulky biomass utilizing low temperature (waste) heat from other processes, e.g. co-generation or heat recovery from rotary drum dryers.

Compact Belt Dryer KBT with SWISS COMBI technology designed and manufactured in collaboration with Rudnick & Enners.

A compact belt dryer KBT allows water evaporations between 400 and 2'000 kg/h. Products can be dryed down to a residual moisture of 2%.


  • Utilization of low temperature (waste) heat, such as hot water, condensate, saturated steam or directly hot gas/air
  • Low level of emission, no further exhaust air treatment necessary
  • Gentle low temperature drying for highest product quality
  • Low electrical power consumption
  • Automated operation
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • For a large variety of free flowing products
  • Pre-assembled parts for a quick installation of dryer on site

Dried products

  • Wood particles, chips, saw dust for pelletizing/briquetting
  • Wood particles for particle board
  • Wood shavings for animal bedding
  • Bark
  • Forest residues
  • Biomass as fuel
  • Sugar beet pulp
  • Bagasse
  • Animal feed (grass, alfalfa, shredded corn)
  • Corn germs
  • Pomace


belt dryer - Bandfilter KUVO - SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG

1. Wet product 
2. Feeding screw 
3. Discharge screw
4. Dry product

5. Heated air
6. Fan
7. Cleaning brush
8. Belt washing device


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Samples of realized installations

Austria (2014)<br/>
Austria (2014)

Product: Saw dust & wood chips
Dimension: 2 m x 12 m
Water evaporation: 500 kg/h