belt dryer - Bandfilter KUVO - SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG


Efficient - Flexible - Multifunctional

The SWISS COMBI KUVO belt filter serves in a first step to clean the flue gas of another process and at the same time, heats up and pre-dries the filter material.

The flue gas coming from a another process passes through the layer of biomass where most of the dust is catched. The filter material is preheated and depending on the superheat of the flue gas, pre-dried. This leads to a significant energy saving in the following drying process (e. g. drum dryer).


  • Efficient de-dusting of dryer flue gas
  • Energy savings due to pre-heating and pre-drying of the filter material
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Applicable on multiple purposes on free-flowing products

Major Applications

De-dusting of drum dryer flue gas:

  • Saw dust
  • Sugar beet pulp
  • Animal feed (grass, alfalfa, shredded corn)


belt dryer - Bandfilter KUVO - SWISS COMBI W. Kunz Drytec AG

1. Wet Product
2. Feeding Screw
3. Discharge Screw
4. Pre-Heated and Pre-Dried Product

5. Dusty Flue Gas
6. Exhaust Fan
7. Cleaning Brush
8. Belt Washing Device

Samples of realized installations