SWISS COMBI After Sales Service

Competent - Reliable - Fast

It is our motivation to satisfy all the needs of our customers on a longterm basis. Despite of new challenges face the operating of the plant.


Please use the contact form for a non-binding consultation!


To avoid unwanted and expensive breakdowns we recommend to perform inspections on your installation on a regulary basis. We assist you as your competent and reliable partner.

The duration of an inspection takes usually one day. The results will be shown on an inspection report and will be discussed immediatly afterwards. Hence all  necessary steps and required quotations can be initiated.

We would be pleased to offer you a service agreement for an annual inspection of your installation.

Spare Parts

We have the most required spare parts available in our stock at our premises in Dintikon. Thanks to our network we are able to provide specific components and spare parts in short time and in reliable quality. 

Thanks to marking special components and wear parts with identifiacation numbers on newer installations we are able to have quick access to the corresponding drawings to serve you as quick as possible.


After a long operational period it can be necessary to renew parts of the installation. For this interventions we offer our know-how to recondition your installation.