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Energy Optimisation

If the utilization of the exhaust gas of a drum dryer or the excess heat of a power plant - we are your all from one source partner.

Take advantage of our experience and our extensive network for optimum use of unused valuable heat.

Increase in Capacity and Performance

Heraclitus from Ephesus said:
"There is nothing permanent except change"

The biggest challenge for a company is to react to the needs of the market. From time to time it can happen that existing installations do not fit anymore to the needs of the operator or the market. An increase in performance or capacity is necessary to match the customers expectation. The whole installation has to be re-engineered to increase efficiency, capacity and performance.

SWISS COMBI assists you in being up to date and react as fast as possible to new challenges.


After some time of operation it might be necessary to increase the capacity of  installations and for example to extend a belt dryer.

We assist you with our experience to such an intention.